CONTRACTORS working on a scheme to extend Hyndburn Academy flouted planning conditions by working through the weekend, residents have claimed.

Earlier this year, bosses at the academy in Rishton were granted planning permission to knock down two blocks as part of a comprehensive refurbishment.

All classrooms will be refurbished, while science labs will be relocated to the main building first floor.

The main entrance to the academy will also be moved.

And the demolition area will be tarmacked over to be used as a staff car park.

Stourton Street resident Nigel Airey, who along with many neighbours opposed the development, said contractors had started on the development and were working through the weekend when conditions state work should not take place on Sundays and was limited on Saturdays to between 8am and 1pm.

He said workmen had been spotted on the site as late as 9pm on one Saturday and 5pm on a Sunday.

Mr Airey said: “Concerns are that Hyndburn Academy is negligent in their duty of care to see that all planning regulations are carried out properly and that begs the question if they knew work was being carried out and turned a blind eye to it.

“Someone must have let them onto the site.

“One would hope that what happens now is that Hyndburn Council suspends planning permission until Hyndburn Academy set out, in writing, a work schedule that should be adhered to and can confirm that work will take place within the constraints of that plan.”

Mr Airey raised the issue with Hyndburn Council and added since the complaint had been made, contractors had been sticking more closely to the allotted hours.

Hyndburn Council was contacted for comment on Tuesday but has yet to respond.

Prior to permission being granted, residents had expressed concern about parking and congestion on Stourton Street at peak times.

At the planning hearing, Hyndburn Academy headteacher Nicola Palmer said: “We are predominantly a walking school.

“At present, only a minority of students are dropped off and picked up.

“The academy will make sure visitors use the new car park and do not park on Stourton Street.”

Planning committee members said the needs of schoolchildren took priority over residents’ concerns and backed the application for approval.