A STREET has been left looking like a bomb site 12 months after new houses were built on the same piece of land, residents say.

Neighbours in Garnett Street, Barrowford, say they are sick of having to look at the eyesore of a building site every time they leave their homes.

They say they’ve emailed the council and raised concerns about the safety of the site but nothing has been done.

Rik Whitehead lives opposite the site and photos he took over the weekend show collapsed fencing, a build-up of rubble and uneven pavements.

Mr Whitehead said: “It looks like a bomb site.

“I have raised these concerns with the council and nothing has been done.

“This site has been like this over 12 months now, about the same time that they built new houses on Garnett Street and I’m sick of having to look at it every time I leave the house.

“I assumed they were going to build another where the rubble is but for some reason they didn’t.

“And it’s been left as a massive health and safety risk. It used to be an unused area with some shrubs etc to make the area look nice but now it looks terrible. The fact it’s an eyesore isn’t even the biggest problem.

“The site isn’t guarded off fully, I’ve seen kids climbing up the pile of rubble, the pavement has collapsed and is an accident waiting to happen.

“The kerbstones are also dislodged and are another problem that needs sorting.”

Mr Whitehead said if there’s going to be another building in that space then it needs to be built quickly, before someone gets hurt.

He added: “If there’s no plans for another building there, then someone needs to clean the site up.”

Chief executive of Pendle Council, Dean Langton, said: “We received a complaint on Monday 6 August about the state of land adjoining a new housing development on Garnett Street and we will be replying to explain the situation. We also responded to a complaint made in October.

“At that time, we explained that there isn’t a time limit for the developer to finish the housing development and this is still the case.

“We also explained kerbstones and pavements outside the development are the responsibility of Lancashire County Council.”