A NEW community meeting group is being set up to bring people together.

The brainchild of Steven Frisby, Meeting Places is aiming to offer a range of facilities and events to suit all members of the community.

The 62-year-old said: “The first event will be for 12-16-year-olds and we are looking to hold this at the end of September.

“We then plan to have theme nights, discos and karaoke sessions to give young people a place to be instead of hanging around on street corners or in McDonald’s.

“Having talked to the local police and schools, who have been very supportive, we are making all our events Members Only and safety is our number one priority.”

With a plan to hold events at different locations and venues across Blackburn and Darwen, Mr Frisby said he wants to plug a gap in the market and reach out to the demographics that places such as youth clubs and church halls are failing to cater for.

He said: “Meeting Places will essentially be community meeting centres offering a warm welcome for activities such as coffee mornings, pop-up shops, mother and toddler sessions, and even young people.”

Mr Frisby, who owns the building in which Darwen’s H2O nightclub is situated, wants to use the venue as one of the first meeting places.

He said: “I’ve been working with Mark Eggar who runs H2O in Darwen, and we want to build up a safe space for people to come and interact with each other. “

In order to participate, people will have to sign up for free, to become a Meeting Places member.

Email meetingplaces19@gmail.com, telephone 07494759921 or go to the group Facebook @meetingplaces19.