PARENTS of a severely autistic boy are trying to raise thousands of pounds to fund a special bed to improve his quality of life.

Chris and Emma Hocking are trying to raise more than £8,400 for a specially designed bed to help support their son’s needs and keep him safe at night.

Corey Hocking, seven, has a poor sense of danger, is double incontinent and struggles sleeping in his regular bed.

The youngster, from Blackburn, currently has to sleep in an enclosed cot-like bed with high sides, to stop him getting out and wandering about the house at night.

However the Newfield School pupil’s bed does not meet his needs and he tends to injure himself after banging against the sides.

Mr Hocking said his son has begun biting and trying to eat the wooden frame.

He said he caught his son trying to eat the lightbulb in the ceiling after climbing up the sides of his bed.

Mr Hocking, 44, and his wife, 34, decided their son needed a better bed and began searching for a new one.

They discovered Safespaces in Todmorden, which could design and build a specially-adapted sensory bed unit.

Mr Hocking said: “The Safespaces bed would be perfect because it would be made of a material which wouldn’t hurt him.

“It would have a full-sized bed inside and act as a calm space to help him relax and sleep.

“He currently jumps about in his bed which is very loud and disturbs our neighbours, they’re very forgiving and understandable but it’s not nice for them.”

The robust Safespace beds are designed to be kicked, punched or head-butted without resulting in injury for the child inside and the noise levels are reduced massively.

The space also creates a low stimulation environment which aims to help improve sleeping patterns and are water resistant, and have portholes for CCTV, a projector, along with soft flooring and room for fibre optic lighting.

Mr Hocking said: “The space would be perfect for Corey as we wouldn’t have to worry about him hurting himself while we’re asleep.

“He will be able to feel relaxed in there and he won’t be able to bite anything.”

Mr Hocking said both himself and his wife have found it difficult at times looking after Corey, as well as raising his three-year-old sister, Lily, who they believe may have Asperger syndrome.

Mr Hocking said: “Everything we learnt to help Corey we have had to put to one side and we’ve had to learn about a whole other variety of parenting techniques for Lily.

“Lily can communicate, which makes things easier, but Corey is still non-verbal and that is frustrating for him.

“It’s very hard. Corey’s school, Newfield School, has been amazing with him, it’s a great school.”

The couple have organised some charity events to help raise funds, including a head shave, and are in the process of contacting football clubs to hold a charity memorabilia auction.

The couple have also set up a gofundme page, which has raised just over £1,105.

Mr Hocking said: “We’re trying to do what’s best for Corey and we believe this will help him develop.”

Anyone who wishes to donate can visit and search ‘A Safespace For Corey’.