A SOPHISTICATED cannabis set-up worth £200,000 has been discovered by police.

Officers in Pendle made the discovery at a property in Whitehall Street, Nelson, on Tuesday August 6.

It is estimated there were around 400 plants found in various rooms in the house, which have now all been seized by police.

Sgt Scott Boast said: "Following on from some intelligence we received into the office the team visited a property on Whitehall Street and located a large cannabis cultivation.

"Early estimates are that we've removed around £200k worth of cannabis off the streets."

Lancashire County Council councillor for Nelson East, Cllr Azhar Ali said: "I think this seems to becoming a more and more common occurrence.

"There's a lot of landlords who are not from the local area and who are letting properties out to anybody without checking which has lead to tenants abusing that privilege by growing cannabis as an easy way to generate money.

"The police are doing what they can and the local community are good at reporting things like this and it's good to see the police doing something about it.

"But there needs to be some regulation in Burnley and Nelson and places like that regarding landlords and tenants and the number of empty properties.

"There are empty properties that are fast becoming easy targets for these people who are obviously trying to make a quick buck."