AN ESTATE agent who suffered from depression left a note for his family on his iPad before hanging himself in his back garden.

Radoslaw Kopacki, of Accrington, was found in the rear garden of his Wellington Street home by his father on June 4.

At an inquest in Preston, coroner James Newman said Mr Kopacki, who was just 25, had last been seen alive at around 11pm on June 3 by his father, who had spent the day with him.

Mr Newman said: “His father had had no concerns about his son the evening before his death.

“He had spent the full day with Radoslaw, who they called ‘Radi’, and had had a laugh with him.

“His father had become tired and went to bed around 11pm.

“On the morning of June 4, just after 6am, his father, Robert, had gone downstairs to make a coffee and had seen his son hanging from a wooden beam in the garden.

“He called the police.”

In a statement from Mr Kopacki’s sister, Paulina Kopacka, she said her brother had a very close relationship with their father and had moved in with him after spending some time living in London.

She said he appeared to be making a good living but there had been times when his mental health would be up and down.

He had been prescribed anti-depressants by his GP in London, although he hadn’t been seen since around 2017 and had made no reference to self harm or suicide.

Mr Newman said: “Paulina said her brother appeared to be in good spirits the week before he died.

“However, on an iPad found at the scene,

"Paulina discovered a lengthy note he had written saying sorry to his family and friends, explaining that he had been struggling financially and with living back at home.”

Mr Newman said Mr Kopacki’s death was a tragic loss of yet another young man, who had clearly made no reference to anyone about any significant concerns in his life in the days or weeks prior to him taking his own life.

He said: “I ask any young person suffering with stress or anxiety, who is thinking about taking their own life, to talk to someone.”

Closing the inquest, Mr Newman recorded a conclusion of suicide.