A NUMBER of storm drain covers have been reported missing across a town, leaving gaping holes in the roads.

The disappearances have been noticed across Burnley, with residents saying the high numbers reported missing are very unusual.

Lancashire County Councillor, Cllr Tony Martin said: "There have been a number of reports of missing storm drain covers across Burnley.

"Due to the scale of the reports the assumption is that thieves are stealing them to cash in the metal.

"Leaving these drains without covers is highly dangerous, in particular to cyclists who may not see it until it's too late.

"It's important that if you see one missing you report this so that it can be made safe with a cone until it can be repaired.

"Lancashire County Council treat this as an urgent repair so it cannot be reported online.

"Report by phone Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays) - 0300 123 6780

"Out of office hours - 101 (local Police non-emergency number)

"If you see anyone trying to remove a drain cover please ring the police emergency number 999 and take any vehicle registration details and descriptions of those removing them."