A COMMUNITY pub has suddenly shut its doors and the windows have been boarded up.

Locals living near the Greyhound Inn on Whalley Road, Altham West, were shocked earlier this week to see the pub had shut and huge boulders had been installed blocking the entrance to the car park.

In March, the Lancashire Telegraph reported how the owners of Samuel Smith Pubs in East Lancashire including the Greyhound Inn were instructed to tell punters they were not allowed to use mobile phones.

Now, nearby residents feel the decision may have hastened the pub's demise.

Paul Lindsay, 42, off nearby Church Lane, said: “It was open at the weekend and then my wife came back here on Monday and said there was nowhere to park as the car park was closed.

“The owner had put in too many restrictions for everyone. I went in the other day and asked about putting some background music on but it was not allowed.

“Also people wanting to use their mobile phones had to go outside to talk. It would make a brilliant pub, but only if they did not have the restrictions.”

Gul Dad, 40, also of Church Lane, said: “It is a shame that it has closed.

“It is another pub going but that is just a sign of the times as people are wanting to drink at home rather than going to the pub.”

Cllr Tim O’Kane, whose ward the pub is situated in, said: “It is a crying shame that it has shut.

“I knew the landlord and landlady and they worked long hours and so hard to make it a success but the restrictions from the owners made the job impossible.

“Families like to let their kids use tablets to keep them quiet but the owners did not allow that but it would have been better to have quiet kids for other customers.”

Samuel Smith Pubs did not respond to a request for a comment.