BROTHERS Mohsin and Zuber Issa have announced the purchase of another 600 stores in America for Blackburn-based Euro Garages.

The Guide-based multi-national has acquired the Cumberland Farms group, which operates across the north-east US and down to Florida.

Several strategic purchases by the EG Group over the past two years has now seen their Stateside operation boast nearly 1,700 sites, across 30 states.

Fuel sales of around $3billion are expected annually from their overall interests, following the takeover of the family-owned Massachussets-based chain.

Mohsin Issa, co-chief executive of EG, said: “The acquisition of Cumberland Farms is a transformative one for our US business.

“It brings us greater scale and a well-established network in locations we do not currently serve that is highly complementary to our existing US store footprint.

“We believe that the Cumberland Farms portfolio comprises some of the very best convenience stores within the USA and we are delighted they will form part of the EG family.”

The Cumberland farm outlets, formerly owned by the Haseotes family, can trace their history back to a dairy store opened in 1958, and the Issas intend to retain their logos at their locations.

Zuber Issa, also co-chief executive, added: “Over nearly eight decades the Haseotes family have built Cumberland Farms into an outstanding portfolio of large, modern facilities run by a team of associates who are connected to the communities they serve.

“It is rare that an asset of this quality becomes available and we are delighted to have been successful in a highly competitive process.

One of their first key investments in the American market came in February 2018, when EG bought out the 762 stores from The Kroger Company in Cincinnati.

This was followed in September that year by the Blackburn firm securing 225 sites from Minit Mart, across the America Mid West, which already had revenues of $720million.

Last April Fastrac, mainly based around the Rochester, Syracuse and Albany areas of New York state, also joined the fold.

Similar agreements have also been signed over the past 12 months for the Woolworth’s petrol station interests in Australia, and the Esso service station network in Germany.