A PRIMARY school has been left needing £10,000 worth of repair work after heavy rain flooded the main office, destroying classroom equipment and the school’s computer server.

The damage to Barrowford Primary School was made worse due to the fact lead from the roof had been stolen, meaning more water seeped into the building during the weekend’s wet weather.

Headteacher, Rachel Tomlinson, had gone to open the Rushton Street school on Monday morning so essential repair work could be carried out after thieves stole lead from the roof.

However, upon entering the school, she found it had flooded, causing even more damage than was originally identified.

Mrs Tomlinson said: “A lot of lead has been stolen from the school roof in the last 18 months and we’ve been trying to put it right for some time.

“On Monday morning we were due to come in for the repairs only to find more lead had been stolen and the main office and one of the classrooms trashed.

“We’ve got suspended ceilings and they’re saturated and all the paint work is damaged. I don’t think there’s one classroom that’s not been affected by this whole thing.

“It’s estimated to be about £10,000 worth of damage but, adding that to the damage already done, we’re looking close to the £100,000 mark.

“The building is obviously insured and Lancashire County Council are supporting us but they’re not going to put up the full amount and what they are going to give us will have to come out of our already diminishing budget.

“The community are wanting to help as much as they can but it’s frustrating for us.”

Lancashire County Council and Pendle Borough Councillor, Mohammed Iqbal, said the theft is deplorable.

He said: “I went to have a look on Monday at what they’ve done, stealing lead from the roof is deplorable.

“Myself and councillor Azhar Ali are now urging Lancashire County Council to work with the school to make sure it’s ready for the new school term in September.”

A concerned parent has set up a Go Fund Me page to help raise the essential money needed to fix the roof.

Writing on the fundraising page, Victoria Kyreacou said: “The school now face a huge bill to rectify the building and equipment damage before the children return to school in September. As we all know, schools are suffering with decreasing budgets and this has caused a huge financial blow.

“I am hoping the school and local community can come together and try and help lessen the burden the school currently faces.”

To donate, visit www.gofundme.com/f/barrowford-school-help-fix-our-roof