A 'SOPHISTICATED' cannabis set-up has been discovered in a house.

Police were called to Manchester Road in Accrington at around 1pm after receiving calls from concerned people.

Sgt Darren Lee said officers entered the house and found around 180 plants, along with growing equipment.

Sgt Lee said: "We have entered the property and located a small but sophisticated cannabis set up.

"Three rooms had been used to cultivate the cannabis, which was close to maturity in some areas.

"Enquiries are under way to identify the people involved."

Crime scene investigation staff and Electricity Northwest were also called to the scene.

Police and electricians remained at the site into the early evening.

A Manchester Road resident said: "I'm pleased to see a cannabis farm has been taken off our streets.

"Someone, or some people, would be making a lot of money from those plants and now they won't be.

"It frustrates me when people think they can get away with this sort of behaviour.

"Well done to the police for getting rid of it."

A nearby Christ Church Street resident said: "I saw the police vans outside and people carrying out pieces of equipment.

"I didn't know what to make of it at first and then I realised it must have been drugs.

"Good riddance to it. I hope the people responsible are found and punished.

"They shouldn't get to escape this and think they can do it again."