A FURIOUS mum has slammed a hospital for the care her eight-year-old daughter received after she sliced her finger.

Jo de Magneval went with her daughter Odile to the urgent care centre at Burnley General Hospital after the freak incident on Sunday, July 21.

She said the accident had happened at the Premier Inn in Burnley when the door of a bedroom they were staying in closed, trapping and slicing off the tip of her daughter’s index finger on her left hand.

A staff member then drove the family to the urgent care centre where they then had to wait around three hours before they were told Odile would need reattachment surgery at Royal Preston Hospital.

Mrs de Magneval said: “The accident happened at around 11.15am and we got to the urgent care centre at about 11.45pm.

“By the time she was seen in triage it was 12.20pm and Odile then went for an x-ray about ten minutes later.

“But we had to then wait a further two hours after the x-ray to be told there was nothing they could do and that she would have to be sent to Royal Preston Hospital where they would assess her.

“I just don’t get why this hadn’t been done when we arrived nearly three hours before and all this unnecessary stress for Odile and the family could have been avoided.”

Mrs de Magneval said the family then went to Royal Preston Hospital where her daughter has since had reattachment surgery on her finger which appears to have been a success, with the family currently waiting to find out if the piece has been accepted by her body.

She said she has made a complaint to East Lancashire Hospitals Trust about the matter.

Mrs de Magneval, who lives in Woking and had travelled up north with her family to attend a wedding, said: “We can’t criticise the care Odile received at the Royal Preston Hospital which was fantastic.

“But we left the urgent care centre furiously angry and stressed with a daughter who was already very worried after a very traumatic experience.

“There was no sense of care, urgency or concern for my daughter and her finger, all while we were carrying the finger that had been amputated in ice in a large jug.

“If it had been left any longer, the finger may have not been able to be reattached as there is a time limit on amputated body parts

“This wasn’t just a cut or bruise, so we’re bewildered why there wasn’t more urgency.”

She added: “We want to raise awareness of this so that other families don’t go through what we’ve been through.”

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Chris Pearson, director of nursing, said the trust was aware of the family’s complaint and is looking into the issues raised.

She said: “Our staff do their utmost to provide safe, personal and effective care for all our patients, all the time.

“We are sorry when this is not the case.”

A Premier Inn spokesman said: "We hope that Odile has a speedy recovery and we have also sent out a Bernard bear and a letter to put a smile on her face."