Two people have been taken to hospital after a crash.

At 3.34pm police were called to Wellington Street in Accrington to reports of a collision between three cars.

Just on the junction to Nuttall Street, three cars collided.

An ambulance was called at 3.40pm and is still currently on scene.

One man was taken to hospital for back injuries.

Five people were involved in the crash, with only two being taken to Blackburn Hospital.

A nearby resident, manager at Friends of Cats Shop, Andy Richards said: "I've seen a few collisions there and numerous near misses.

"I'm always really careful there even when I've got right of way.

"I see quite a few cars with their left indicator on but then they don't turn and the car on Nuttall Street pulls out, thinking the other car is turning left.

"Could do with a mini roundabout there."