A FAMILY is asking for help to raise money for a four-year-old boy with cerebral palsy so he can have treatment to ease his pain.

Leelan Hitchen’s aunty Becky Allonby, from Clayton-le-Moors, started a fundraiser to try and raise the £20,000 needed for his operation.

Born eight weeks premature in November 4, 2014, Leelan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth.

Mrs Allonby, who shared the fundraiser on Facebook, said: “It is very painful for him, because he can’t control his arms or legs. This will help lessen his pain and he will live a more normal life.”

A procedure called dorsal rhizotomy can improve muscle stiffness in children with cerebral palsy but is typically only offered between stages one to three of the condition.

Since Leelan is at stage four of his condition, he is not eligible for free NHS treatment.

Leelan’s mum, Kimberley Hitchen from Haslingden, needs help taking care of the four-year-old as she has fibromyalgia, a condition that causes pain all over the body.

She said: “Alder Hey feel he would benefit greatly from the surgery and live pain free.

“It breaks my heart that there is a way to make him pain free, but we cannot afford it.

“I beg people to help us reach Leelan’s target because this is his only chance to ever walk.

“Fundraisers will be held, and you can get regular updates on Leelan’s page on Facebook.”

Leelan has four other siblings, three who help their mum with his care.

The oldest is 16-year-old Darren, then 15-year-old Summer, 14-year-old Takara and five-year-old Jazmine.

While the children love helping out, Mrs Allonby says it affects their childhood too.

She said: “His brothers and sisters help out a lot and after the treatment they won’t be needed as much so they can do what they want to do as well.

“It’s hard because their mum cannot move about as much, so they are often looking after everyone.

“Just going to one of Leelan’s appointments is like a family trip, because they have to prepare so much when going out with him.”

Having just finished nursery, Leelan is due to start at Tor View School in Haslingden, and his parents hope he can have the surgery within 12 months.

To donate to Leelan’s fund, visit gofundme.com and search "Leelan Hitchen"