A MAN was taken to hospital after his face was slashed with a knife in a street fight.

Police were called to the incident in Great Harwood at around 9pm on Thursday, where they say a fight had broken out between two men.

A police spokesman said: “We were called at 9pm to reports there was an altercation between two men fighting in the street.

“We believe it had started in Lomax Street in Great Harwood and had then spilled out to the top of Glebe Street.

“The police arrived and a man was found with a cut to his face.

“The cut wasn’t too serious but he was taken to hospital for treatment.”

The police are now carrying out enquiries to identify the man and anyone with information should contact police on 101.

A resident said: “I think both men knew each other and live in the same house or on the same street.

“I heard that they just moved into the area and lived in Bacup before this.

“Stuff like this doesn’t really happen around here so it’s a bit strange. I didn’t see it but everyone’s talking about it, so it must’ve been pretty loud.”

A resident of Glebe Street, who did not wish to be named, said they saw and heard the argument from their back alley.

The resident said: “Everyone on the street knows about it.

“They were fighting in the back alley.

“One of the men had a knife and he put it in the face of this other man.

“Then someone called the police and they came and I think one man went to hospital but the other guy ran off.

“There’s not usually a lot of fights round here, just people playing their music really loud at all hours of the night."

Police said no arrests have been made.