A 34-YEAR-OLD man who had been suffering from depression took his own life by hanging himself.

Coroner Richard Taylor told an inquest in Blackburn that Graham Lang had been found in his ground floor flat by his uncle, Andrew Murray, on April 27.

A toxicology report showed that there was some alcohol in his system, some amphetamine and some medication that he would normally have been taking.

Mr Taylor explained: “Mr Murray said that he hadn’t spoken to Graham for three days and he had not answered his phone on the Saturday.

“Seeing as they would be in contact regularly, he went round to see if he was ok.

“Arriving at his Formby Close address in Blackburn, Mr Murray said he unlocked the door with a key Graham had given him.

“He said he then saw his nephew slumped in the doorway between the kitchen and the bathroom and knew straight away that he had killed himself.”

In his statement, Mr Murray said Mr Lang had suffered from depression for a number of years but he had no idea that something like this was going to happen.

Mr Lang’s best friend, Michael Barnard was present at the inquest and asked Mr Taylor why this had happened.

Mr Taylor said: “What he did was a very deliberate act. No note was left, but something made him make that decision but I cannot tell you why he did what he did.

“Therefore I return a conclusion of suicide and say that Graham Lang was found dead on April 27 in his flat in Formby Close having suspended himself by the neck.”

Speaking after the inquest, Mr Barnard said: “I’m devastated. He was my best friend. I still don’t know why he did this, but something has triggered it.

“I knew he was depressed but not to this extent. He will be missed by a lot of people.”