FOOTBALL fans are being asked to help back a new biography about former Blackburn Rovers star Roy Vernon.

Vernon began his career at Ewood Park making his debut in the 1955-56 season when the club was in the old Second Division.

He played for Rovers for five seasons scoring 52 goals in 144 appearances before joining his former manager Johnny Carey at Everton. There he captained Everton to a league title in 1963 scoring 111 goals in 202 appearanc3es for the Merseyside club.

The Welsh international also went on to play for Stoke City before he was reunited with fellow Rovers legend Bryan Douglas when he played for Great Harwood at the end of his career.

Vernon lived in Blackburn after retiring and died from lung cancer in 1993, at the age of 56.

Now noted football historians - Rob Sawyer and David France - are appealing for support in bringing Roy Vernon’s eventful life story to publication later this year,

They have been researching and writing Roy’s biography - drawing on exclusive interviews, archive material and Roy’s own unpublished memoir notes.

To help bring get the book – Blue Dragon - published, the authors have launched a Kickstarter (crowdfunding) appeal which runs until July 31.

Rob - whose mother hails from Little Harwood, said: “David and I have felt privileged to be documenting the life of such a key figure for Blackburn Rovers and Everton in the 1950s and 1960s. We would be very grateful if people can support us by backing through project through a pre-order pledge.”

Long-standing Blackburn Rover’s supporter, Fred Cumpstey, regards Vernon as one of Ewood Park’s finest. He said: “He is, in my opinion, second only to Bryan Douglas as the greatest player I have seen in a blue and white shirt. It is remarkable that these two home grown footballers should have made such an indelible impact on the game both locally and nationally and left a legacy at Ewood which, I would hazard a guess, will not be surpassed.’

People can back the project by pledging to purchase the book if the funding target is attained and it goes to print.

Supporters backing the project can receive exclusive rewards such as a set of specially commissioned Vernon-themed illustrated cards. No monies are taken from pledge backers if the project does not progress.

The pledge options are outlined on the Blue Dragon Kickstarter page, which also includes a short video featuring Rob, David and Vernon’s former Everton teammate, Derek Temple via

If any Lancashire Telegraph readers have recollections of Roy they can contact the authors via

If any Lancashire Telegraph readers have recollections of Roy they can contact the authors via