ANGRY Briercliffe residents had to endure misery and noise every time a double decker bus roared past their homes back in 1980.

The aggravated villagers had grown sick and tired of vibrating walls and shaking ornaments, as they waited for a new turning circle to be built and the bus routes changed.

One Duke Street resident, Alice Horsefield, said: "They tried to run buses along here before but they put an end to that.

"They began to use the route again about two years ago and now the buses are bigger and heavier. When you are lying in bed the houses literally shake.

"Two people have had to have their houses repointed due to the vibrations and last year a gas main under the road fractured."

Mrs Horsefield said the only light at the end of the tunnel was the proposed turning circle, but it could take 18 months for work to start.