LEAFLETS are being distributed in the area where a group of teenagers dressed as 'goths' and 'moshers' were assaulted in a bid to catch their attackers.

The attack, on three boys and a girl, all aged 15, mirrored an earlier attack on Sophie Lancaster, who died after being assaulted in Stubbylee Park, Bacup, because of her gothic dress style.

Police said they hoped that the leaflets would help to refresh people's memories about what happened on Saturday night.

The teenagers, who were wearing gothic' or mosher' style black clothing, jeans and jewellery, were chased and attacked with sticks and bottles, officers said.

Three of the victims suffered cuts and bruising and one boy's arm had to be put in a sling.

Councillors have con-demned the attack, which happened in Holcombe Drive, and called for more tolerance to be taught both at home and in schools.

Gordon Birtwistle, leader of Burnley Council, said: "We live in a diverse society where people can dress how they want.

"I am horrified that people should feel they can disrupt other people's lives by doing this.

"I think the problem is that kids don't respect other people's views or even other people and this problem has to be addressed in homes and schools."

Coun Roger Frost said that a lack of respect and tolerance was fuelling the attacks.

He said: "This sort of thing is disgraceful and I can't understand why someone should be attacked just because they are different.

"It's about tolerance and respect for the different people we have in Burnley, who have diverse views and beliefs.

"I know these issues need to be addressed at home and in schools."

The leaflet drop is part of the house-to-house inquiries conducted by the police.

A police spokesperson said: "We have been dropping leaflets through doors in the streets where it happened and the surrounding areas to refresh people's mem-ories about the incident.

"And we are still appealing for witnesses to come forward with information."

Anyone with information about the attacks should contact Burnley CID on 01282 472144 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.