A GROUP of householders have raised a petition opposing the sale for housing of a green space which they fear could cause flooding.

The residents fear that if the land off Bailey Street in Earby, known as Springfield, is developed it will put nearby homes and a primary school at risk.

They want the land, which sits on an ancient spring, to be turned into a conservation area.

Last month their change.org petition of more than 270 signatures was presented to the Policy and Resources committee of Pendle Borough Council, which owns the land.

The councillors decided to go-ahead with the sale to PEARL, a company owned jointly by it and Barnfield Construction.

A planning application for 12 houses is expected to be submitted to Pendle Council shortly..

Their spokeswoman Annette Brown, 38 of nearby Aspen Grove, said: "We are outraged at the planned sale of Springfield, for housing development by PEARL.

"The land, home to an ancient spring, is unsuitable for housing and puts both lives and property at risk. It would serve the community much better as a conservation area for all to enjoy,

"The land, which is situated off Bailey Street and opposite the local school, is used daily by parents and children walking to school, dog walkers and children playing.

"The decision to push ahead with this development risks flooding to neighbouring properties.

"There are numerous more suitable brownfield sites in the area.A fund was established by Pendle Borough Council to bring forward such sites for development..

"Residents would like to see the land transformed into a conservation area with further planting of trees, meadow grasses and a wetland area."

A planning application for 12 houses is expected to be submitted to Pendle Council shortly..

Cllr Mohammed Iqbal, the leader of Pendle Council and chairman of PEARL, said: “We recommend anyone interested in having their say on the housing development waits until the planning application has been submitted. It will include a drainage scheme which will ensure the development does not cause flooding."