POLICE were called after a young woman with mental health problems was found drunk at her home with a noose hanging from the ceiling.

Blackburn magistrates heard officers forced entry to Victoria Beard's property and eventually arrested her for a breach of the peace.

"The main reason for her being detained was for her own protection," said Laura Keegan, prosecuting.

Beard, 23, of Nelson Street, Accrington, admitted a breach of the peace. She was bound over in £50 to keep the peace for three months.

Miss Keegan said a care co-ordinator raised the alarm after calling at the defendant's home for a pre-arranged meeting and finding the noose. After the police arrived Beard was shouting abuse out of the window and was clearly drunk.

Peter King, defending, said his client had numerous mental health problems and was an open case with the community mental health team.

"The police acting in her best interest to protect her from self-harm has brought her before the court," said Mr King.