A FAMILY of 11 escaped after a fire broke out a house.

The fire wrecked the home of Indian ring-spinner Gullam Mustufa Gulma in Moss Street, Blackburn.

Five workmen heading to the nearby British Northrop factory helped father-of-nine Mr Gulma to beat out the flames while others telephoned the fire service.

No one was hurt.

Mr Gulma, his wife Fatima, and their children aged from one month to 16 years old, were in the front room of the terraced house when the fire broke out.

Mr Gulma, 42, led his family from the house as the flames spread from electricity installations.

Firefighters, using two appliances, put out the fire. But the downstairs area of the house - mostly the front room - was wrecked.

Police took some of the older Gulma children to the nearby Moss Street school while neighbours Mr and Mrs Sadiq Khwaja looked after the others.

A spokesman for the Blackburn district of the North Western Electricity Board, said: "We did have a call from this consumer on Tuesday, saying he was without supply.

"There was no mention of crackling or overheating.

"It was attended to on Tuesday evening. The shift electricians report says he replaced a main fuse. Beyond that, I can't comment."