A BOY has managed to regain the ability to walk after losing a quarter of his brain when he suffered a large bleed.

Seven-year-old Adrian Najafi's world came crashing down when doctors discovered the cause of his fainting and feeling unwell in January.

The Darwen youngster was diagnosed with a brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) which is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the brain.

This caused a massive bleed on his brain and doctors had to act quickly to stop the damage.

During the next six months Adrian had to regain the ability to walk and regain the sensation in his limbs.

Homa Sohi, Adrian’s mum, 38, said she was terrified she was going to lose her boy.

She said: “He began fainting and feeling really unwell.

“He went blue at one point.

“We took him to hospital and at first they thought he had a virus. But to us it felt like it was something more.

“They discovered the huge bleed and we were horrified.”

After brain surgery, Adrian had to have several months off from his school, St Edward's RC Primary School in Darwen, to get back on his feet.

Mrs Sohi said: At first he was struggling to walk, he was acting like he had suffered a stroke.

“He lost the sensation in his limbs too.

“He’s lost a quarter of his brain as a result of the bleed. But he’s managed to get better and we hope he can carry on recovering.”

The incident also caused Adrian to suffer with behavioural problems, as well as lose concentration.

Mrs Sohi said: “I heard the only way for the brain to recover was through learning.

“It stimulates the brain cells and speeds up recovery.

“I take him swimming every week and try to work on his maths skills.”

According to Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children all types of AVM, which can also appear in the skin or spinal cord, are thought to affect around one in every 100,000 people.

Mrs Sohi praised her son’s school for the support they showed.

She said: “Mrs Knowles the headteacher has been like a sister to me. She has been so supportive during Adrian’s treatment. She called all the time asking how he was.

“She would bring my younger son from Darwen to the hospital in Manchester to see Adrian.

“I’d love to say a big thank you to her and the school.”

Adrian is to have another operation at the end of the month to prevent further bleeding.