WORKMEN can be seen removing the tram tracks at an abandoned tramway.

Taken in 1936, the picture from the Lancashire Telegraph's archives shows workmen removing the tram tracks at the junction of Gunsmith Lane and Yorkshire Street in Burnley.

The lines had been made redundant with the town's abandonment of tramways the previous year.

In the background is the old Keirby Brewery, which was founded in 1840.

Also known as the Well Hall Brewery, it was acquired by Massey's Burnley Brewery Ltd in 1928 with 120 tied houses.

A tied house is a public house required to buy at least some of its beer from a particular brewery or pub company.

In contrast, a free house is able to choose the beers it stocks freely.

At the left, part of the Yorkshire Hotel is glimpsed and the pub was to later close in 1948.

Picture centre right is Rishton Mill which was demolished for the building of the Odeon Cinema which opened in 1937.

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