GIVING birth can be described as a hair-raising experience.

And it certainly was for one mum – who could not believe the marvellous mop of hair her daughter was born with at Burnley General Hospital.

Midwives were also stunned by the amount of hair on Tia Daisy Duffy’s head when she was born on June 18, weighing 9lbs.

Proud mum Georgia Robinson said: “The midwives were great and they said, ‘oh there is lots of hair’ but I did not think anything about it. I was shocked to see so much hair.

“Tia has a brother, Ellis, who is two and a half and he did not have as much hair as that. Neither me or her dad, Brad, had hair like that.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

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There is said to be a correlation between a woman’s level of heartburn during pregnancy and their baby's hairiness, due to levels of oestrogen.

But Georgia said: “The midwives told me it was one of the longest heads of hair on a baby they had seen and they kept asking if I had suffered with heartburn during the pregnancy and they were surprised when I said I hadn’t.

“I can remember my little sister Evie, who is 12, had a similar amount of hair when she was born. Now she has grown up, it is quite curly but no-one else in the family had long hair when they were born.”

The 22-year-old mum has shared her baby joy with five generations of family, which includes great-grandma Jean Briercliffe, grandma Eileen Dickinson and mum Andrea Dickinson.

Lancashire Telegraph:

She said: “They are all absolutely obsessed with her and the hair is the first thing everybody talks about. Her hair is still growing and we have just put her first clips in.

“Her brother loves her so much and wants to give her hugs and kisses which is great.

“She has also been popular on Facebook as we have got lots of likes. When we are out at the shops, people keep wanting to see our baby.”

Dr Tom Smith, the LT’s health expert, said: “It is a bit of a phenomenon with five per cent of newborn babies having thick hair on their head but it will soon change as in the next few months it will be replaced by their natural hair.”