THE horrific extent of the injuries suffered by a ‘murder victim’ have been outlined to a jury.

Home Office forensic pathologist Dr Naomi Carter told Preston Crown Court how Sajed Choudry suffered a number of cut wounds to his head, including a blow with a ‘sharp implement’ which fractured his skull and cut into his brain.

The 42-year-old also suffered a 15cm defensive wound to his hand, which also cut into the bone, while a separate blow sliced through his right ear and into his cheek.

The court heard how Mr Choudry died at Royal Preston Hospital 16 days after being involved in an altercation near his home in Rhyl Avenue, Blackburn, on the evening of November 27.

Dr Carter said Mr Choudry died of head injuries complicated by a pulmonary embolism (PE) – a blockage of an artery in the lungs – caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in his legs. She said a contributory factor was heart disease, outlining Mr Choudry had had a stent fitted after two previous heart attacks.

She said Mr Choudry, who took a turn for the worse two days before his death, would have struggled to recover from the injuries with his weakened heart.

If Mr Choudry had survived his injuries there is a strong possibility he would have had some brain damage and hand mobility issues, Dr Carter said.

Outlining the full extent of the victim’s injuries, Dr Carter said all the cuts he received incise wounds – lineal injuries caused by a sharp implement.

On the left hand side of his head, above his ear he had a 13cm wound, the scar from which ran into a second wound vertical wound measuring 11.5cm. Dr Carter said those injuries caused a 5cm rectangular hole in the scull which went through to Mr Choudry’s brain.

Dr Carter said there was a pink lineal scarring on Mr Choudry’s left ear measuring 2.2cm and a second scar measuring 1cm.

The fourth injury was described as a 5cm wound behind his left ear hole, while below that there was an 8cm wound.

The sixth injury was described as an 11.5cm wound which has divided the upper side of the right ear.

Outlining the force used to cause the injuries, Dr Carter said: “To cut through the skull and into the brain those injuries have been delivered with a severe force.

“It needs to be borne in mind that one of the injuries cut through the brain.”

Dr Carter said the damage to the skull and brain alone could have proved fatal and very likely could have been caused by a machete. She said a knife could have been used to cause some of the injuries but that weapon would not have been able to cut into bone.

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Sadaqat Ali, 36, his brother Rafaqat Ali, 38, their father-in-law Fazal Ilahi, 62, another man, Syed Ali Akbar, 45, and a youth who cannot be identified for legal reasons all deny murdering Mr Choudry and attempting to murder his son Ahsan.

Saira Ali, 35, and Asma Ali, 34, deny attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The trial continues.