A ‘SEVERE’ fire caused by a faulty plug wrecked a bedroom.

Firefighters battled with the blaze in Rhyddings Street, Oswaldtwistle, at 7.30pm on Tuesday.

Residents could see the fire bursting out of a window and smoke billowing into the air.

A fire service spokesman said a man and a woman managed to get out of the house before firefighters arrived.

The front bedroom was severely damaged and there was smoke damage throughout the house.

A Rhyddings Street resident said: “The dogs were barking and made me go to the window.

“I looked outside and saw the flames coming out of the window.

“It was really, really bad.

“The room most be ruined.

“The fire service deserve a lot of credit as they got here so quickly and managed to stop it spreading to the other houses.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Another Rhyddings Street resident said firefighters knocked on doors giving out fire safety advice and asked if anyone wanted a free fire safety check booking in.

The resident said: “I couldn’t sleep knowing the house had been badly damaged. I was wondering how it had happened, I had never seen anything like that.

“I’m glad those inside are okay and didn’t get caught up in it.”

Fire damaged doors, household belongings and a child’s bike could be seen in a large pile the front garden.

The fire service had partially closed off the road while they dealt with the blaze.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A fire service spokesman said: “The fire was caused by a faulty plug in the bedroom, it was accidental.

“The two people inside the house were given precautionary checks but did not go to hospital.

“We’d like to ask everyone to make sure they have working smoke alarms.

“Firefighters were there for four hours, it was a severe fire.”