PLANS for a doggy day care centre on a farm in Oswaldtwistle have been submitted to Hyndburn Council.

Agent Melanie Lawrenson of ML Planning Consultancy Ltd has drawn up the application on behalf of William Holden for a section of land at Higher Bold Venture Farm on Haslingden Old Road.

If given the green light it will pave the way for the change of use of agricultural land for the doggy day care centre and associated building.

Melanie said: “We are seeing this kind of application more and more.

“It is nearly as important to have care for your dogs as much as it is for kids as people cannot keep them in the house on their own when they are at work.

“They are popping up all over the place and it is agricultural land and there will be some fencing and pens for the dogs.

“It is an eight-week process now and it depends on what the council say but we think it is a very new thing in a rural development and a farm trying to make some extra money through diversity.”

In the design and access statement to the planners it says: "This is a rapidly growing business in the canine world, providing exercise for dogs who would otherwise be housebound.

"The facility would be run by Jade McKean and Ms McKean also runs a ‘dog grooming service at two locations in Lancashire.

“This business would be separate from those businesses, and would provide employment for her and two other part-time employees.

“The facility would be taking in 10-15 dogs per day between the hours of 7am and 6pm.

“The applicant wishes to also erect a small building within the field to provide a welfare area for the staff and shelter in the event of inclement weather.

“Due to the ongoing demand for doggy day care, the applicant feels there is scope to make a good business without much outlay in this location on the family farm.”

Mel added: “It will be great for people locally to use as they will be able to drop their dogs off and they will be able to run around and get some exercise.

“It is finding a use for poor rough land where some sheep are and the dogs will be able to be safe.”

It will be accessed by Red Shell Lane.