THE world's most famous steam locomotive The Flying Scotsman will pass through East Lancashire and Blackburn later this month.

However fans have been warned not risk their lives by climbing on the track to take photographs or simply get close to the iconic engine.

The LNER A3 class loco, the first to hit 100mph, will haul the luxury Northern Belle train from Crewe to Carnforth. It will arrive at Blackburn station at 7.02pm on Saturday July 20.

Network Rail and British Transport Police have warned trainspotters and other enthusiasts not to try to get too close to the engine or fly drones to get photos.

It follows several incidents, including one on May 5 when several fan illegally got onto the track near Burton-on-Trent and Tamworth, in an attempt to get a closer look.

This caused 56 trains to be delayed by a total of 16 hours. Two enthusiasts stood inches from the tracks while other trains passed at 125mph. People have also used selfie-sticks putting them at risk of electrocution from overhead electric cables.

David Golding, from Network Rail, said: “It’s great that people want to come and see Flying Scotsman but it’s vital for them to stay safe. The railway is an extremely dangerous environment if people misuse it. It’s full of both obvious and hidden dangers, which carry risks of catastrophic injuries or even death.

“It is never acceptable to go onto the track for any reason.

Police officers will be on board the train with cameras on the front to film anyone trespassing.

Inspector Becky Warren, from British Transport Police, said: “Please remember to use safe vantage points to view and take pictures of the train, stay clear of the line, and do not risk serious injury or death by trespassing on the tracks.

“It is important to remember the railway is extremely hazardous. Those trespassing can expect prosecution.”

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Northern Belle managing director Jeanette Snape said: “It is extremely dangerous, as well as illegal, to trespass near the railway tracks. At best people could end up in court being fined £1,000 – at worst they could end up in the mortuary.

“So please take care and act sensibly.”

As well as breaking the 100mph record, Flying Scotsman, built at Doncaster in 1923, was the first steam engine to run non-stop between London and Edinburgh.