A NEW system introduced by Lancashire County Council to tackle speeding on its roads has been condemned by Labour.

The administration’s Conservative leadership is asking residents to report areas where vehicles regularly break the limit.

Where its officers consider the case does not justify action by the council, they will be offered a ‘community toolkit’.

It includes ideas like making scarecrows in the shape of lollipop ladies or staking out rat runs to record transgressing business vehicles then presenting the bad news to company bosses.

Among the roads rated low priority where the council will not act, it offers advice through its website,

Labour will question the cabinet member for highways Cllr Keith Iddon about the scheme at the next full meeting of the county council on July 18.

The deputy leader of the opposition group Cllr John Fillis said: “This appears to be a do it yourself approach which is not good enough for a serious issue which affects many roads, especially on housing estates.

“Areas where speeding is judged low priority include the Burnley Road from Loveclough to Rawtenstall.”

Cllr Iddon said: “We assess locations where people have raised concerns, looking at average speeds and the number of collisions.

“Subsequent action could include police enforcement, the installation of temporary signs, community road watch or other community engagement.

“In cases where specific measures cannot be prioritised, we have the community toolkit which helps local residents to raise awareness themselves of local road safety issues.”