THIS tram crash in the 1933 has been recorded as Burnley’s worst.

This picture was taken minutes after a lorry belonging to Stanworth Bros of Barden Lane skidded into a tram sending it backwards down the steep road at Lane Head where it crashed into a newsagents on the corner of Sedbergh Street.

The conductor, William Simpson, and a 14-year-old schoolgirl, Ethel Pomfret were killed.

The electrification of Burnley’s old steam tram system began in 1901.

Since the change the number of trams grew and more services were added to the lines.

The early 1930s was the peak for tram travel, with Burnley town centre at the heart of all the tram stops.

They would take people to work, doctor appointments, shopping - and home again in time for supper.

Burnley Corporation Tramways operated a tramway service in Burnley between 1901 and 1935