PEOPLE were transported back to the 1940s in another action-packed Padiham on Parade festival.

Thousands of people, young and old, descended onto the town to take part in the two-day event, which coincided with Armed Forces Day.

There was lots to do including a variety of live music, such as a George Formby tribute, a vintage fashion show and clog dancing at the town hall.

At the memorial park, a Punch and Judy show entertained families and adults sampled the Prosecco van, the gin bar, and other food stalls.

There was a set of military vehicles on display including Jeeps, vintage cars and more.

John Hampton, 45, who went with his wife Claire, 43, and two children Alex, 10, and Daisy, eight, said they all had fun.

He said: "It was great to show my children the vintage vehicles and let them learn about a time which was very hard for people and a time where everyone had to pull together to get through the war and other hardships.

"I think they both enjoyed the ice cream van in particular."

Padiham fire station had a vintage fire engine on display and allowed youngsters to get up close to how it worked.

A vintage bus took passengers on tour to Gawthorpe Hall and back.

Other attractions included a bird of prey experience, a RAF scheduled fly-past and a Padiham Community Choir performance.

Raynor Pepper, the event's organiser, said: "Last year we had around 15,000 people visit and we are hoping to beat that target.

"In all weathers we get a good turnout but with the heat we've had a brilliant weekend.

"It's important to celebrate this time period as those who were alive then went through a war which was very different to previous wars, and all wars that have proceeded it.

"It affected those at home."