A MAN was found 'covered in blood' after being attacked in a town centre.

Officers were called to Edgar Street in Accrington at 12.35am on Saturday to reports a man in his 20s had been attacked and found unconscious.

The street was shut off from the Railway Pub junction to the back of Accrington Bus Station over the weekend.

A crime scene investigation van was at the scene and officers were conducting investigations into what happened.

A woman who, along with her partner, found the man on the floor and said it was a worrying sight.

She said: "He was in a bad way.

"He was covered in blood, he did not have a shirt on and was only wearing one shoe.

"He was behind the shops at the Max Cabs in the alleyway.

"He was concious at first and then fell down the steps face first and was too drunk to stop himself to he face planted the floor.

"He then went in and out of consciousness as the paramedics arrived."

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph on Saturday, Inspector Dave Clark said the man suffered head injuries and was taken to hospital.

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He said: "It is a serious attack.

"Investigations are underway to find out what happened."

One passer-by said: "I saw the road had been taped off when I walked into town a little earlier on.

"I've heard a man was attacked.

"I do hope he's okay.

"It's scary to think you can be fine one minute and then the next you're on your way to hospital.

"You always fear the worst when you see the police investigation van."

A police spokesman said detectives believe the man had earlier been involved in an altercation near Max Cabs in Edgar Street.

The spokesman said: "We were called by the ambulance service at 12:35am on Saturday to reports a man in his 20s had been found unconscious on Edgar St, Accrington.

"The man was taken to Royal Preston Hospital with suspected head injuries.

"His condition is described as stable and his injuries are not as serious as first thought.

"No arrests have been made."