A COUNCILLOR has likened the road surface of two streets in an East Lancashire town to that of 'third world countries'.

Glen Harrison is unhappy at the state of Fountains Way and Tower Street in Oswaldtwistle.

He said: “It is terrible and when I visit residents they are unhappy about the standard of our roads

“We are identifying holes on the highways and tell the council but the repairs they are making are not good enough and then they are having to come back to do them again."

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We have inspected the areas which were reported this week, however none of the damage meets the levels we set for carrying out a repair.

“The surface is unsightly in places but we have to set levels and limits on what we repair to ensure our resources are directed where they’re most needed, with a focus on safety.

"This means we don’t try to fix everything, and no council does this."