TWO Haslingden Schools are doing their bit to remove plastic waste from ending up being dumped by creating environmentally friendly sculptures.

Haslingden High School is working with Haslingden Primary School to create eco-bricks which will be made into two archway sculptures.

An eco-brick is a used large plastic bottle filled with clean plastic waste that is not widely recycled like crisp packets. These are stuffed into the bottle until the plastic bottle is hard enough to take someone’s weight and can no longer be squeezed.

The first student at Haslingden High School to complete a brick was 12-year-old Neve Butcher and she is now making her second.

She said: “I decided to make an eco-brick because it is good for the environment and I think it is better than plastic ending up in the ocean.”

Once the sculptures have been built it is planned to make planters out of the eco-bricks and then grow trailing plants over the bottles.

The school also take donations of plastic and eco-bricks.