A WOMAN was left terrified in her own home after a chilling phone call from her ex-partner.

Blackburn magistrates heard the new man in her life was staying at her house and the ex simply said 'dead man' before hanging up.

Parveen Akhtar, prosecuting, said the victim felt scared for herself and her new partner.

“The threat was clearly aimed at him and she thought the defendant might be watching her house and may even have been outside,” said Miss Akhtar. “He made another call 20 minutes later.”

Robert Ibbotson, 52, of East Hill Street, Barnoldswick, pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order. He was jailed for four weeks and a suspended sentence for breach of the same order activated making a total sentence of 12 weeks.

District judge John Maxwell said the court had to accept that there came a point when the only sentence applicable was one of immediate custody.

“You have reached that point,” he said. “Even a suspended sentence has not stopped you from offending.”

Gareth Price, defending, said Ibbotson had been drinking and that had been his undoing.

“He had no recollection of making the calls until his son challenged him about them,” said Mr Price. “To his credit he handed himself in at the police station.”