POLICE have asked for sanctions on a busy Accrington bar they say has been linked to more crimes than any other in East Lancashire since September.

Officials from Hyndburn Council will meet on Thursday to discuss revoking the licence of the IBar on Warner Street in the town.

Police have made regular visits to the bar but say little progress has been made on concerns brought up by officers.

In a statement to the licensing committee, Sgt Gary Hennigan said: “There are 27 incidents reported to the police since the start of 2019 which can be shown to be linked to IBar.

“This is the highest proportion in the whole East Lancs area encompassing six local areas. If we go back to September 7, when an action plan was agreed, IBar is still the highest in East Lancs with 44 incidents. No real improvements have been seen by the police.”

Figures show there were 13 public order complaints, nine assaults and one serious injury since the start of the year.

Sgt Hennigan said officers have public safety concerns over the running of the bar after four rape allegations connected to incidents after punters had left the premises in a vulnerable state and a child neglect report.

He said: “In the opinion of Lancashire Police the information presents here indicates the total undermining of the Prevention of Crime Licensing Objective and Public Safety.

“Police request the committee considers whether revocation of the premises licence is proportionate to this premise due to the issues raised. At the very least, a significant reduction in its licensing hours, removal of a designated premises supervisor and steps to prevent flashpoints inside and outside through robust licensing conditions may be an appropriate finding in the circumstances.”

Bravo Inns, which runs IBar, were contacted for comment.