THE partner of a woman who died of a heroin overdose told an inquest how he had 'no clue' she was taking the drug.

Wesley Pate discovered Louise Nutter on the bathroom floor of their house on Copperfield Close in Burnley on January 28 this year.

East Lancashire assistant coroner Richard Taylor said at an inquest held at Burnley Magistrates' Court that the 39-year-old had taken an excess of heroin.

But Mr Pate told the hearing: "I knew she smoked cannabis and was on mirtazapine for depression but I had no clue she was taking heroin.

"I did find some syringes but as we lived near playing fields, I asked her where they had come from?

"She said she had found them outside the back months ago and I didn't question it.

The inquest heard how Ms Nutter had gone to have a shower at half past five on the morning of her death.

Mr Pate awoke three hours later, and after discovering his wife was still in the shower, he kicked the door open and found her on the bathroom floor.

He added: "I had no reason to accuse her of taking heroin, maybe I was naive as I've never been a user before and didn't know."

Toxicology tests showed evidence of cocaine use in Ms Nutter's system, as well as heroin, mirtazapine, diazepam, cannabis and antihistamines.

The inquest read out an statement from Dr Emma Harding, her GP at Padiham Medical Centre on Burnley Road.

It read: "She was under an Inspire programme for opioid dependency and methadone treatment for it.

"But she had had no treatment with Inspire since 2009."

Why do newspapers cover inquests?

The hearing also heard a statement from PC Kate Gallagher, of Burnley Police station, who attended the scene and said she had found a needle. She said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

Recording his conclusion, Mr Taylor said Ms Nutter's death was drug-related.

He added: "Ms Nutter died at her home in Copperfield Close in Burnley having ingested an excess of heroin."