EXTRA town centre parking is needed to offset the demolition of a multi-storey car park in Nelson.

Council bosses say the loss of the car park has had a detrimental impact on the long-stay parking availability in Nelson and drivers have instead been parking on residential streets around the town centre.

Transport and coordination manager, Sandra Farnell, said: “It is therefore essential that we look for additional pieces of land in the town centre which can be used for parking.

“The licence for the former taxi rank on Sagar Street Nelson is currently being terminated following breaches of the conditions of the licence.

“This gives us the opportunity for this site to be linked to the current Sagar Street Car Park for additional long-stay parking.”

A draft design of new car park, which will create an additional 30 parking spaces to the 16 already located on Sagar Street, has been drawn up.

Ms Farnell added: “Despite the introduction of business permits to town centre parking, we are still in a position where we need to create opportunities for long-stay parking in the town centre.”