Pub and bar managers in an East Lancashire town have formed a partnership in order to make nights out safer.

More than 10 drinking establishments in Oswaldtwistle are working together to combat anti-social and unruly behaviour in a new Community Alcohol Partnership called InnSight.

Following discussions with local police and licensing officers, the group, which includes representatives from Tap Select, The Bay Horse, The Lord Longworth, The Plough, Tiger Lounge and The White Bull, are planning to share information in the hope it will reduce pub violence and allow people to enjoy their nights out without the fear of trouble.

A spokesperson for the newly formed partnership said: "Over the last few months we have been working together to create a new scheme that will help to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder in the town.

"This is in accordance with the licensing objectives we must adhere to.

"We have been working with Trading Standards, the Police and other Community Alcohol Partnerships in the area to set up InnSight as a recognised scheme that will work for the benefit of Oswaldtwistle’s citizens and visitors.

"Further details of the scheme and how it will work will be finalised at our upcoming meetings.

"We would like to send a clear message to anyone who seeks to intimidate, threaten or break the law at any of our venues – their behaviour will not be tolerated."

Licensing Sergeant for Lancashire police, Gary Hennighan said: "The Community Alcohol Partnership is a project we fully support.

"We are working closely with licensees, business owners, public bodies and the public to make Oswaldtwistle an even safer place for residents and visitors.

"We will provide support through advice, statistics and knowledge around licensing laws, as well as carrying out alcohol harm reduction operations to encourage the responsible use of alcohol within the community."

The spokesperson added: "There's a buzz about Oswaldtwistle at the moment but we are aware that there are people who can spoil nights out and can cause trouble.

"This is about making those people know that if they are causing trouble in one pub or bar, then the others will know about it too."