A sweet shop has been the target of burglars, for the fourth time in two years.

Kandy Corner, in Bacup was broken into and had its front window smashed on Sunday, and owner, Diane Hart, said she's fed up at the amount of times she's had to deal with incidents like this since she opened in 2017.

Mrs Hart said: "It's soul destroying. This is the fourth time it's happened and I can't afford for it to continue."

Mrs Hart's shop, which is on Bankside Lane, was first broken into in August 2017, after which she installed CCTV.

A further three break-ins took place in July 2018, May, and the latest attempt on Sunday at 8.30pm.

The sweet shop owner said it's caused her so much anguish that she has been considering closing the shop for good.

She said: "I can't understand why anyone would want to break into a sweet shop.

"It's going to cost me close to £700 to fix the window.

"It's set me back a lot, and I've been trying to put a brave face on but it's hard."

Mrs Hart said she's had a barrage of lovely messages from people on social media, many of whom are loyal customers, telling her she can't give up.

She said: "I gave up a career in local government to open the sweet shop as it's been my dream since childhood.

"I only just make a living from it and I'm devastated, I've spent many nights thinking if it's going to happen again and it's knocked my enthusiasm for it."

One well-wisher, who has encouraged her to continue though is seven-year-old Jenson, a boy who passes her shop every day on the way to school.

She said: "He bought me a card and some chocolates and it made me feel better but it doesn't stop me thinking about the next time."

Mrs Hart has considered installing shutters but due to the shop being in Bacup's improvement zone she is unable to.

A man was arrested for the break-in but Mrs Hart said she feels a bigger police presence in Bacup would help prevent future break-ins.

On Sunday evening, officers arrested a man in connection with the break-in and several others on the area.

He was due to appear in court on Tuesday morning.