A MAN put a petrol station attendant through a "terrifying" ordeal because he wanted to go back to prison.

Blackburn magistrates heard Sajid Hussain walked onto the forecourt of the Bacup petrol station at 10.15pm and threw a brick at a window.

He used the same brick to smash more windows as the tearful female attendant locked herself in and called the police.

In her statement Julie Booth said she was terrified the man was going to come into the shop before she was able to lock the door. As soon as that was locked she ran into the office and locked herself in there.

"I love my job but I am not sure I can work on my own again," she said.

"I saw the police arrive but I didn't open the door until there was an officer standing there. I was crying and couldn't speak to the officer I was that upset."

Hussain, 30, of Deardengate Croft, Haslingden, pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

He was jailed for 12 weeks, the maximum for the offence, and ordered to pay £250 compensation to Mrs Booth.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Mrs Booth saw the defendant walk onto the forecourt carrying a carrier bag and assumed it contained a petrol can.

As she watched he took a brick out of the bag and threw it at the window were she was standing.

"It bounced off and he threw it again," said Miss Allan.

"She was terrified he would come into the shop and before she could lock the door he had smashed two more windows."

Miss Allan said Hussain had been released from prison on Monday and the offence was committed on Wednesday.

"When he was interviewed by the police he had done it because he wanted to go back to prison," said Miss Allan.

Mark Williams, defending, said his client accepted it must have been upsetting for the lady.

"He never intended that to be the case, he just wanted to go back to prison," said Mr Williams.