CUBS and scouts have played key roles in developing young people around the world.

The Scouts started in 1907 and it has had a strong focus on the outdoors that aims to support young people in their physical and mental development.

So we have taken a trip down memory lane trying to stir some memories for our readers of scouts during the 1990s.

Most of the images are of fun and games at the Bowley Scout Camp in Great Harwood including building homemade rafts with Stuart Cripps from Blackburn getting wet in 1993.

Another photo is of the Bowley Camp the next year where Pail Andrews from Blackburn and Antony Dodd from Darwen cooking sausages on an open fire.

Then it was arms at the ready as duo Oliver Roberts and David Rostham of the 109 Loyola Cub Group in Oswaldtwistle taking part in a pistol shoot.

Also on target was eight-year-old Christopher Wheldon of St Pauls Cub during the camp in 1994.

Another photograph shows the 1st North East Lancs Baden Powell Scouts doing a sponsored sleepover at the United Reform Church from Accrington.

Pictured are Kerry Diamond, Christopher Synczycz, Brett Wood, Adam Edmondson, Paul Vaughan and Jessica Hubbard.