A LETTING agent was told he would have the flesh “ripped from his face” while trying to talk to a tenant about the state of his home.

Paul Ainsworth-Lord was once again left with a difficult situation to deal with on the latest episode of Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords, on Channel 5.

Mr Ainsworth-Lord let cameras into the letting agency world as part of a documentary into the life of a letting agency.

Mr Ainsworth-Lord, who runs Ainsworth Lord Estates with his wife, Deborah, received complaints from neighbours about tenants “Danny” and “Simon” had been playing extremely loud music and a “strong smell of cannabis” at their house in Newton Street, Darwen.

Mr Ainsworth-Lord visited the neighbours and one said: “The music is terrible. A few weeks ago it started at 3pm on Friday and it was bouncing off the walls.

“It was so loud I could not hear my television.

“I came home from work at 6am and the music was still bouncing.”

Another complained about the smell of cannabis.

After approaching Danny at the house, Mr Ainsworth-Lord finds damage to the front door, as well as punch marks on all the doors inside, and dog poo found in the garden.

After making a decision to evict the tenants, Mr Ainsworth-Lord and his wife return, with eviction papers, and discovers Simon has already left the house - but Danny has moved his girlfriend and her toddler in instead.

While trying to speak to Danny on the phone, a person answers and says: “You with the four eyes, I’m giving you two minutes to get away.

“Otherwise I’ll come over and rip the flesh off your face.”

Two minutes later, Danny arrives and following a short aggressive confrontation, he, along with the Ainsworth-Lords, enter the house.

Mr Ainsworth-Lord said: “They’re just being idiots, they probably would not have said anything like that to my face.

“If I have to go to a situation that might kick off Deborah is the one I take because I think she’s good at defusing situations.”

The pair discover all the doors were damaged, as well as rubbish dumped all over the house.

Mrs Ainsworth-Lord said: “It’s the fact that that’s how they think they can behave within someone else’s property.

“If I was their mum I would be heart-broken, I would be distraught.”

Danny promised to leave in two weeks and replace all the doors which were damaged and remove the rubbish, as well as lowering the noise.

Mr Ainsworth-Lord returned two weeks later to find the house has been badly damaged and Danny and his family had left.

Beer bottles were left everywhere, graffiti sprayed onto the walls and takeaway boxes were dumped on the floor.

Doors had chunks ripped out of them, some had been ripped off their hinges and window locks had been damaged.

Mr Ainsworth-Lord said: “This is what you call woeful damage.

“When I came last week this was all fine, all the doors have been physically ripped off.

“It makes me really mad because this is just being nasty, its peevishness.

“I regret them having the house, they should have never got the property."