A COUNCIL missed its own target for fixing potholes, new figures reveal.

Last winter Lancashire County Council was supposed to repair 90 per cent of ‘non-urgent’ major road carriageway defects within five days.

But its officials’ own figures show that it managed just 80.77 per cent between October and December and 81.47 for January to March.

It also narrowly missed its two-day target to repair 95 per cent of ‘urgent ‘potholes but exceeded the identical ambition for tackling emergency highway defects within four hours.

Labour spokesman Cllr Steve Holgate said: “This report shows this Conservative administration is failing to reach its own targets for keeping Lancashire’s roads safe. Since it introduced the target, the council has failed to meet it in one in five cases.”

The five-day target applies to smaller potholes sited on major routes where the number of vehicles passing over them at speed presents a risk to cars and drivers.

County highways boss Cllr Keith Iddon said: "Under Labour the target was 20 days for all potholes so they are getting repaired much faster than before. If the report comes in just before the weekend the 'lost day' distorts the figures."