IN this front page from 1979, a new campaign was launched against the rule that 999 casualty cases from Hyndburn should all go to Blackburn Infirmary.

Two ambulance crews were facing disciplinary action after taking minor casualties to Accrington Victoria Hospital’s casualty unit. A third crew were due to face a decision of whether or not they would be getting a disciplinary.

The rule stirred up a backlash, as people complained that children in small accidents had to go to Blackburn. One person with minor injuries got out of the ambulance and got a lift to Victoria Hospital when he was told the ambulance would take him to Blackburn.

Accrington was also left with a shortage of staff as ambulances were busy taking customers between Accrington and Blackburn.

The Mayor of Hyndburn at the time, Councillor Mrs Doris Grant, said: “The matter of 999 cases going to Blackburn is a burning question in the whole of Hyndburn.

“We would like a better casualty service altogether in Accrington, and if it means reopening the whole issue, then this is what we will do.”

General Practitioners agreed with the Mayor and supported ambulance staff.