MORE than 1,000 families living in poverty have benefited from the fundraising efforts of an East Lancashire-based charity.

Community Lighthouse Foundation, which has its headquarters in Nelson, delivered parcels of rice, flour, lentils and other staple food to struggling families in Pakistan as part of the Ramadan Food Aid 2019 efforts.

Shokat Malik, founder of CLF, said: "I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers and the UK public for their time and generous donations which have helped to ease the immense poverty and struggles endured by the less fortunate in Pakistan.

"Without this support, the annual ‘Ramadan Food Aid’ would not have been able to provide relief to more than 1,000 families. There is no welfare benefit for the disabled, widows and orphans in Pakistan.

"Many smiles were visible and many prayers were heard as each family was served a bag of flour, rice, lentils and other staple food.

"Alongside this, over 100 new water pumps have been installed to provide access to clean water in order to satisfy basic human needs."

CLF also prioritises education and the acquiring of skills in the region so that orphaned girls and widows can eventually earn a living and empower themselves to become independent.

The building of a new education and training centre is now complete, where students can learn Islamic studies, English, computer literacy and sewing.

Shokat Malik, who together with Ghulam Mujtaba and Yasir Farooq oversaw the delivery of Ramadan Aid 2019, added: "It's heartbreaking to see that there are still people without electricity and clean water in their homes but very humbling to see the spirit and good nature of the people most in need.

“We welcome everyone to get in touch and find out how you can help to serve, educate and inspire others whilst joining a family of people who are on the path of self-reflection and have the desire to become better people.”

Closer to home, the charity has enjoyed another successful year of continued investment of resources into community projects, such as youth developmental programmes; football with the FA SuperKicks and Burnley FC in the Community; and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. They have been inspired by a visit and training seminar from IBJJF World Champion Lucio Sergio Dos Santos and under the weekly tutelage of 2nd Dan Sensei John Stokes.

CLF has also continued to invite families of all backgrounds to the Rumi House based in Cooper Street, Nelson, to share weekly spiritually uplifting meditation sessions followed by a meal.

Meanwhile volunteers have been delivering food parcels locally and feeding the homeless in Manchester with the Organic Soul Food Organisation

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