A VILLAGE pre-school is quenching these toddlers’ thirst for knowledge.

Inquisitive youngsters keen to explore the world around them are being given an outstanding and fun start to their learning journey.

For they all attend Scallywags Pre-School CIO ­— a non-profit organisation ­— which has just been given the top possible mark by Ofsted.

“Children are extremely motivated, enthusiastic and excited to learn,” reported Ofsted. “They are inquisitive and have a lot of fun.”

The children’s excitement is proving to be infectious as families enjoy evening events at the Edgworth-based pre-school, including outdoor activities.

“Children make excellent progress and thrive at the pre-school,” said inspectors.

Staff were found to be “remarkably” caring and attentive towards children and drew on their interest to plan activities.

“This results in children being excited and enthusiastic to take part,” found inspectors

And youngsters are said to show “excellent social skills”, are “extremely confident” ­— so much so they can talk about their day in front of the class ­— and behave “exceptionally well”.

Inspectors reported: “Staff are outstanding role models. They praise children’s achievements, efforts and perseverance. Children rapidly develop independence skills.”

Children are said to be exceptionally well prepared for school.

Manager Susan Langley said: “Our approach at Scallywags Pre-school is very much focused around relationships and quality of teaching and learning, from two years to four years and 11months. The team are extremely skilled and knowledgeable about child development and how to ensure each child’s interests and personality is reflected in their unique and individual development plans.

“To be outstanding is very difficult to achieve and we are extremely delighted to receive this recognition that our care, teaching and management is consistently exemplary.”