AN estate agent in Burnley has been able to offer a home with all mod cons - for bees.

Staff at The Bee Hive in Burnley have signed an unique sponsorship deal for their own new hive, in the town's Ightenhill Park.

Teaming up with Simply Bees, the voluntary group, and the Friends of Ightenhill Park, the firm's Luke Robinson even took part in a bee day, to learn more about the insects.

The business development director for the Grimshaw Street company, said: "Could this 'bee' more appropriate?

"We have seen the great work going on at Ightenhill Park and this was an opportunity simply too good to miss."

Amanda Thornton, Simply Bees chairman, added: "It is wonderful for us whenever anyone offers support but this link with The Bee Hive is extra special.

"The enthusiasm of the people there and their genuine interest in what we are all about has really blown us away. That is every bit as important as the financial backing."

Ida Carmichael, friends group secretary, said; "The mix of community involvement, while helping bee preservation, has captured the imagination.

"Bees are vital for pollinating flowers, fruits and vegetables but they are in decline across the country and partnerships like this with The Bee Hive can only help."