It would seem that we’re all potty about pizza!

Continuing our search for the best food and drink establishments in East Lancashire, we asked you to recommend great places to get order a takeaway pizza from - and we were inundated with replies.

A large number of outlets appear to be high on your own particular lists and we have tried to reflect some of the most popular suggestions.

As with all of our five of the best features, it is not meant to be a definitive list, merely a selection of what’s on offer.

Serrano’s Deli Pizza, Padiham

Judging by the number of recommendations for Serrano’s, you clearly love this place. Boasting a wood-fired pizza oven and with dishes inspired by both Italy and Spain there are plaudits galore for this takeaway and deli. Comments ranging from ‘fresh pizzas made with love’ to ‘absolutely delicious’ point to a takeaway that knows its stuff.

Enzo’s, Colne Road, Burnley

Having fed the people of Burnley and beyond for more than 30 years it’s no surprise to see Enzo’s receiving loads of recommendations. One fans commented ‘I pick it up and take it home back to Oswaldtwistle it’s that good’. The friendly service, range of choice and consistent quality of the pizzas makes this a firm favourite for so many of you.

Papa Mario’s Pizzeria, Great Harwood

As one of the takeaway’s many fans said, ‘it’s the best place for quality pizza. Try it, you won’t be disappointed’. Offering a wide range of Italian dishes, their pizzas are for those with good appetites. The 16-inch pizzas are particularly popular with families. A local delivery service is also available.

Cavzon, Darwen

An all-rounder on the takeaway front, Cavzon picked up a number of recommendations from its customers for the quality of pizzas on offer and for its speedy. friendly service. Better known for its kebabs, it would seem as though regulars have discovered that the establishment is equally good at preparing this Italian favourite. A local delivery service is also available.

Balti House, Rishton

Given its name this popular nomination may surprise those who have not tried it but pizzas are very much part of the overall offering from this Hyndburn favourite. As well as a wide range of classic pizzas, you also have the chance to make your own from a wide range of ingredients.'Hands down it’s got the best pizzas around' was the verdict of one of our readers while others were impressed at the range of choice available.